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All new applicants are placed into our lottery database, and no discrimination is made based on race, religion, gender, or disability.  The number of openings for each year is based on the number of students who will not be returning the following year.  According to our charter, WPCS can only accept applications from families living in the Chester Upland School District.

New families interested in applying are encouraged to visit our office from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The following items must be presented in our office in order to process your 2016-2017 enrollment application:

  1. Enrollment and Re-enrollment Application
  2. Charter School Enrollment Notification Form (new enrollment and kindergarten)
  3. Child’s birth certificate
  4. Child’s social security card
  5. Child’s medical insurance card
  6. State issued parent/guardian identification
    1. Documentation of name change (if the parent/guardian name is different than the birth certificate)
  7. Transportation and Pick Up Authorization
  8. Family Income Survey
  9. Proof of residency in the Chester Upland School District (with current address) through the following documentation:
    1. Current utility bill (water, sewer, garbage, electric, gas, or heating within the last 30 days; this does NOT include phone and/or cable bills)
    2. Current, signed and dated lease, mortgage OR Certification of Multiple Occupancy (if name on lease or mortgage is not legal guardian’s name)
  10. Medical Information Form
  11. Current physical examination (new enrollment, kindergarten, and 6th grade)
  12. Current immunization/shot record (new enrollment, kindergarten, 6th, and 7th grade)
  13. Current dental examination (new enrollment, kindergarten, 3rd, and 7th grade)

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Should you have any further questions, please call the Widener Partnership Charter School front office at (610) 872-1358.

2016-2017 Re-Enrollment Letter from Mrs. Thomas

Admissions Policy

The Widener Partnership Charter School will serve K-8 school students who are residents in the Chester-Upland School District. Non-resident students will be admitted only if the number of District residents applying for admission is less than the target enrollment.

If completed applications exceed the number of student positions available in the school, a lottery will be used to select admitted students from the pool of completed applications. The application process includes mandatory interviews with both the applicant and his/her parents or guardians.

Admissions Procedures


The minimum age for admission to kindergarten is 5 years by September 1 of the kindergarten year. A child coming to school for the first time may be placed in kindergarten, rather than first grade, if he or she is between the ages of five and six years. The kindergarten program will provide a minimum of five instructional hours in a full-day format.

Admission to 1st – 8th Grade

Children will be considered for admission to grades 1 through 8 on an annual basis to the extent that the number of students continuing in those grades drops below the maximum enrollment of 50 per grade. The application process for 1st through 8th graders is the same as that for kindergartners.

Acceptable Evidence of Pupil Age

If the student’s birth certificate is not available, documentation of age required for admission may be satisfied by a:

  • Baptismal certificate or transcript of the record of baptism — duly certified and showing the date of birth.
  • Notarized statement from the parents indicating the birth date.
  • Duly attested transcript of the birth certificate.
  • Duly certified transcript of birth which shall appear satisfactory to the local school, if none of the above mentioned proofs are obtainable.

Upcoming Events

  • Parent Caregiver Council Meeting at 5:30pm January 19, 2017
  • 12:15pm dismissal January 24, 2017
  • 2nd Marking Period ends January 27, 2017
  • 12:15pm dismissal January 31, 2017
  • Report Cards distributed February 3, 2017

Address & Hours of Operation

(610) 872-1358
School Closing Number: 451

Breakfast: 8:10-8:25
School in Session: 8:30-3:20
Please see 2016-2017 School Calendar for a list of Tuesdays with 12:15 dismissal times.

Office hours